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The primary difference between a Verdae designed geothermal heating and cooling system and the ones designed by others is energy use.

The standard design used by most designers wastes more energy than it saves, and the primary disappointment owners have is how little energy the geothermal system saves, in many cases the geothermal system uses more energy than the old fossil fuel system it replaced.

A Verdae designed geothermal system almost always operates more efficiently than manufacturers specification.

The Verdae design strategy is to minimize energy use while providing high performance.

We often reduce first cost while reducing operating cost, which is the sweet spot of design.

Our comprehensive understanding of the physics behind geothermal heating and cooling systems provides the platform for designs utilizing the unique properties of geothermal systems.

While most designers simply append geothermal wells to typical boiler/chiller designs, necessitating large mechanical rooms, huge pumps, complicated controls and increased first cost; Verdae designs take advantage of the modular nature of the geothermal unit to eliminate large pumps and complicated controls while still providing building automation interface.

It is possible that a Verdae designed geothermal system will cost less to install than a typical boiler/chiller system, while reducing operating cost by more than 50%.
Conception to Completion Consulting

Any building can be zero net energy.

Invest in your future with a renewable energy powered high performance building.

It's not magic...
it's building science.

Innovative design by Lloyd Hamilton, Certified Geothermal Designer, lowers first cost and operating cost, while increasing comfort and indoor air quality.

System tune-ups can save 10% to more than 30% in operating cost.

We solve geothermal system problems.
High performance design and construction management for commercial and residential projects.

Consulting services available for architects, builders, owners and investors on high performance buildings and HVAC systems.
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