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E-House: Toward The Perfect Mechanical System
by Lloyd Hamilton
Sephir Hamilton
Michael McDonough AIA, NCARB
January 10, 2005

"Light Catchers" Installed At E-House: During Construction In The Mid-Hudson Valley North Of New York City.

Tomorrow overnighted

Michael McDonough, AIA, NCARB recalls:
The idea for e-house occurred to me sometime in 1999. Simply put, it was the fact that everything required to build a perfect vision of the future was actually available now. Anything a forward-thinking architect could imagine was invented, manufactured, packaged, searchable on the internet, purchasable with a credit card, and shippable overnight.

Setting an energy-efficient example
Hyde Park homeowner opens house for green building tour

By John Sullivan
Times Herald-Record
October 03, 2008

Hyde Park - Homeowners wanting to know about green building but don't know who to ask will find a sympathetic ear in John Bagnall.

A retired physician with an interest in architecture, Bagnall converted a 1980s "oil-fueled energy hog" of a home into a "green gem," as he called it, for somewhere in the vicinity of $200,000. That was back in 2005, when technologies such as photovoltaic solar panels, geothermal heat pumps, and heat-saving ventilation systems were obscure subsets of the home-construction market.

Lloyd Hamilton, Consultant,
Residential and Commercial ZERO NET ENERGY

Conception to Completion Consulting

Any building can be zero net energy.

Invest in your future with a renewable energy powered high performance building.

It's not magic...
it's building science.

Innovative design by Lloyd Hamilton, Certified Geothermal Designer, lowers first cost and operating cost, while increasing comfort and indoor air quality.

System tune-ups can save 10% to more than 30% in operating cost.

We solve geothermal system problems.
High performance design and construction management for commercial and residential projects.

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