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Lloyd Hamilton, President of Verdae, LLC, is a Certified Geothermal Designer.

  • designed the building envelope and geothermal heating and cooling system for the first proven ZERO NET ENERGY commercial building in NYS, perhaps the country.

  • consulted on the building design, designed and supervised the installation of the geothermal heating and cooling system for the first home to get a 100 on the Energy Star scale in NYS, meaning that it is a verified Zero Energy Home.

  • consulted on the 25 ZERO ENERGY HOMES currently being built in a development in New Paltz NY.

  • over 25 years of field experience in plumbing, building performance, radiant hydronic and other mechanical systems

Conception to Completion Consulting

Any building can be zero net energy.

Invest in your future with a renewable energy powered high performance building.

It's not magic...
it's building science.

Innovative design by Lloyd Hamilton, Certified Geothermal Designer, lowers first cost and operating cost, while increasing comfort and indoor air quality.

System tune-ups can save 10% to more than 30% in operating cost.

We solve geothermal system problems.
High performance design and construction management for commercial and residential projects.

Consulting services available for architects, builders, owners and investors on high performance buildings and HVAC systems.
Verdae, LLC | 90 Primrose Hill Road | Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Lloyd Hamilton, President |845.597.7369 | info@verdaellc.com
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